Which floral artists do we work with?

Our approach to working with local floral artists goes beyond their geographic location. For us, the local also extends to the selection of flowers that are found in the creation of your flower bouquets.

For this, we try to work as much as possible with florists who themselves collaborate with Belgian producers. Some already favor short circuits in order to modify/reduce the CO2 levels emitted during the transport of flowers. You would be surprised to see that it is already possible to find producers not far from Brussels.

By receiving magnificent surprise flowers, you are not only surprised by the bouquet you receive, but you also ensure that you end up with a bouquet that perfectly reflects the season in which we find ourselves.

We ask each florist if it is possible for him to take maximum account of the season and the local flowers that can be found near Brussels at the time of your order in order to create the most beautiful bouquet for you.

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