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How to associate your plants with your interior

Who said plants were just for the garden? What if it were possible to create a peaceful and green place in your living room or bathroom? The urban jungle style is increasingly attractive, and for one reason in particular: it is easy to set up! We present you some tips to create an interior decoration worthy of a real jungle!

Green your walls

Of course, creating a green wall is an option. But the installation can be difficult, and the maintenance rigorous. So, to bring some green to your walls, opt for the shelves + indoor plant combo. To vary the colors and reliefs, do not hesitate to add frames and a few books. 

plant shelf

Place your plants between two rooms

Whether your rooms are connected by doors or open to each other, placing a plant in this space is very wise. A large indoor plant can give relief to the space, but also to blend the decoration between two rooms in order to homogenize the rendering. Plus, you can enjoy your plant from both sides!

living room plant

A jungle even in the kitchen

The kitchen is a room that can quickly seem cold if it is not dressed in well-thought-out interior decoration. And what better place than the kitchen to install aromatic plants that are as beautiful as they are fragrant? Not only will you be able to decorate your dishes with fresh herbs, but you will also enjoy a natural and refined decoration.

kitchen plant

Create perspective with hanging plants

Curtains bring softness to a room. But so are the plants! In a bathroom, for example, you can use it to hide the window and create a more subdued light. Green plants also give a perspective effect: the eye is drawn to the plant area, and the room then seems incredibly enlarged! Yes, green boosts morale, it's no longer a scoop!

hanging plant

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