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How to properly repot your houseplant?

After a while, a potted plant can become cramped due to the growth of its roots. It is in this situation that it becomes necessary to repot it. This operation consists of giving the plant the opportunity to live better, to grow well and above all to better feed itself with the nutrients essential to its health. If you want to keep your indoor plants the longest, here's how to go about it.

Prepare the necessary device for repotting

Before you start repotting, it is important that you plan the tools you will need. We recommend that you arrange them on a table previously covered with a tablecloth. Next, you need to find a new terra cotta or plastic pot depending on your preference.

The container must be equipped with a drainage circuit which will consist of a potsherd and gravel or clay pebbles. In the event that your container has been designed with a water reserve, it is no longer essential that you associate drainage equipment with it.

In addition to all this device, we advise you to collect what will help you to achieve the mixture. These include, among others:

  • Substrate (potting soil, heather soil, compost, peat or sand) according to the needs of the indoor plant ;
  • From a watering can;
  • From a trowel;
  • A geotextile felt (optional).

repot your plant

Fill the pot with the appropriate substrate

It is essential that the bottom of the pot be perforated to simplify drainage. So, when the hole is carefully made, you can cover it with the shard. You can pour a 5 cm layer of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the container. This process will easily drain excess water out of the pot.

Then place the geotextile felt in the container, taking care to bring it out over the edges. Although not essential, this step prevents the gravel from intermingling with the soil.

With the correct mix for the houseplant , partially fill the container. This must be done in such a way that the root ball does not reach the top of the pot.

Carry out the depotting of the plant

You can start by ridding the plant of protruding roots. This will be useful to you in the task when you have to unload it. Now with one hand hold the edges of the pot and with the other gently pull the base of the stems from the container.

This process should be easy because the essential trick that we offer you is to tap along the container to lift the plant with its root ball. If the task gets complicated, you may have to break the old terracotta pot or cut the plastic one with a cutter.

Repot the plant

There is a preliminary to do before carrying out the repotting. This prerequisite consists of inspecting the plant and its roots and preparing the root ball for the next step.

If some parts of the roots are damaged or dead, take care to get rid of them using a very sharp pruner. If they simply form a kind of tangle, just untangle them gently.

Then place the root ball at the bottom of the pot so as to center it, then spread the roots of the plant. To fill in the gaps, all you have to do is add the prepared mixture. Do your best to spread it to the bottom of the container using a trowel.

This will help you avoid creating air pockets inside the pot. Finally, water the surface sufficiently so that the plant is well watered. Remember to complete the mixture if you notice, after watering, that the level of substrate has dropped.

Now you know how to properly repot your houseplant and you just have to get started experimenting with it.

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