How to maintain and preserve your bouquet of flowers?

If you want to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain it properly. Discover now some tips and tricks for a longer preservation of your flowers!

What are the first steps to take after the delivery of your bouquet?

The first actions you take after delivery is complete determine the lifespan of your flowers. After removing the wrapper, don't be afraid to cut the stems of your bouquet with scissors. Your florist has probably already done this, but cutting two to three centimeters of stem will help your plants absorb water. Always with your scissors, remove the lower leaves to prevent them from soaking in water. This will protect your bouquet from mold and improve its overall aesthetic. Moreover, it is not necessary to undo the links that surround and harmonize your bouquet.

Now that the bouquet is well pruned, it is necessary to find a suitable vase for it. Prefer a transparent vase to let the light through and thus avoid the appearance of bacteria and rot on the walls. The vase should be clean and two-thirds full of water at room temperature. Indeed, the water must be cool but not too much so as not to risk shocking the flowers. Before putting the bouquet in the vase, it is possible to add a little salt and charcoal to the water to nourish your bouquet. One to two drops of bleach can also be effective in limiting the growth of bacteria.

Tips to protect and save your flowers longer

The location of your vase is a determining factor for the longevity of your bouquet of flowers. It is certain that flowers need light to bloom and develop. Try to place your vase near a window so that your bouquet receives enough light. However, be careful not to leave it in direct contact with the sun so as not to burn it. In addition, avoid the creation of drafts in your home as much as possible. Indeed, the flowers of a bouquet are very sensitive to gusts of wind.

During the following days, you will have to continue to maintain your bouquet under penalty of seeing the flowers fall after a few days. Indeed, it is important to change the water in the vase every three to four days to restore freshness to your flowers. It is possible that the stems of your bouquet will grow back a few days after delivery. In this case, don't be afraid to cut them back to make your flowers breathe and extend their life .

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