Comment faire son abonnement bouquet de fleur DIY ?

How to make your DIY flower bouquet subscription?

How to make your DIY flower bouquet subscription?

If you love fresh flowers, but dislike the high costs of store-bought floral arrangements, then creating your own DIY flower bouquet subscription is an ideal solution for you. With a DIY flower bouquet subscription, you can enjoy beautiful, fresh flower arrangements all year round without having to spend a fortune. Here's how to create your own DIY flower bouquet subscription by following our step-by-step guide.

Choose your bouquet style

The first step to creating your own DIY flower bouquet subscription is to decide what type of bouquet you would like to receive each month. Do you want a seasonal bouquet, a bouquet of bright colors or a bouquet with a combination of different flowers? Consider your personal preferences and choose a style that best suits your tastes.

Find a local florist

Once you have determined the style of bouquet you want to receive, you need to find a local florist to supply the flowers. Research local florists online, check online reviews and visit their website to get an idea of ​​their style and work. Contact them to discuss your subscription and agree on a plan that suits your budget.

Schedule delivery

Once you have chosen a florist, discuss the frequency and delivery date of your subscription. If you want to receive bouquets weekly, fortnightly, or once a month, make sure it suits your florist's schedule. Also discuss delivery methods and associated fees.

Customize your subscription

Your DIY flower bouquet subscription can be personalized according to your preferences. You can add extras such as vases, personalized cards or additional accessories for each bouquet. Discuss options with your florist to customize your subscription and make each bouquet unique.

Prepare the space for your bouquets

Before your first bouquet is delivered, be sure to prepare the space where you want to display it. Choose a cool, well-lit area where your bouquet can be enjoyed. Make sure you have a clean vase filled with fresh water for each bouquet.

Maintain your bouquets

To enjoy your bouquets for longer, you need to take care of them. Cut the stems at an angle so they can absorb water more easily, change the water regularly, and avoid placing the flowers in hot or sunny locations. Follow your florist's instructions to ensure your bouquets stay fresh and beautiful.

Cancel or modify your subscription

If you need to cancel or change your DIY flower bouquet subscription, contact your florist to discuss it. Be sure to give ample notice to avoid additional charges or complications.

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