Conseils et entretien du Zamioculcas

Advice and maintenance of Zamioculcas


Zamioculcas is a magnificent houseplant from tropical Africa, easy to care for and very decorative. Its popularity quickly increased thanks to its resistance and ability to adapt to different environments.

Indoors, its height varies from 30 cm to almost a meter. Its sturdy leaves resemble palm fronds and are a beautiful glossy green. Zamioculcas is the perfect plant for airheads because it requires very little care and is slow growing.

Zamioculcas is a plant that tolerates indoor conditions well. It can adapt to different light and humidity levels, making it an ideal choice for gardening beginners or those with busy lifestyles.


To take care of your Zamioculcas, here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Watering: Zamioculcas is a plant that prefers slightly dry soils. It is best to let the substrate dry between two waterings. Water the plant when the soil is almost dry, but avoid overwatering it. Watering every two to three weeks should be sufficient.
  • Light: Zamioculcas can adapt to different light levels, but it prefers indirect light. Place the plant near a bright window, but avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Humidity: Zamioculcas prefers moderate humidity. Spray the leaves with water from time to time to increase ambient humidity. However, avoid over-moistening the foliage, as this can encourage the development of fungal diseases.
  • Temperature: Zamioculcas prefers medium to warm temperatures, between 18°C ​​and 24°C. Avoid cold drafts and temperatures below 10°C.
  • Fertilizer: Zamioculcas does not need frequent fertilization. A balanced houseplant fertilizer applied every two to three months during the growing period should be sufficient.

By following these maintenance tips, your Zamioculcas will stay healthy and continue to beautify your interior.


The Zamioculcas can be placed in different rooms of your home, from the living room to the bedroom. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal location:

  • Light: Place your Zamioculcas near a window that lets light through, but avoid direct sunlight. Indirect lighting is best to avoid burning the leaves. If you place the plant near a south-facing window, you may need to filter the light with a veil or blinds.
  • Temperature: Zamioculcas prefers medium to warm temperatures. Avoid cold drafts and temperatures below 10°C. The plant can be placed outdoors during the summer months, but be sure to bring it indoors before the first frost.
  • Humidity: Zamioculcas likes moderate humidity. Avoid placing the plant near heat sources like radiators, as this can dry out the air and harm the plant.
  • Decoration: Zamioculcas is an attractive plant that can add a touch of greenery to any room. Choose an elegant planter to highlight the beauty of the plant and harmonize it with your interior decoration.

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