Des fleurs pour toutes les occasions

Flowers for all occasions

Which bouquet of flowers for which event?

An original and always pleasant gift idea, the bouquet of flowers is a present that you can give to someone for any occasion. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the shape of the bouquet, the color of the flowers or the types of flowers that you are going to buy. If you are looking for quality flowers, you can contact Daily flowers, a specialist who offers a monthly bouquet of flowers subscription and flower delivery in many municipalities in Belgium. Once the customer has finished creating their bouquet of flowers, we will take care of the delivery of flowers to Brussels, Mons, Charleroi or any other province of Wallonia.

A bouquet of flowers for her/his lover

A romantic gesture, offering flowers to one's lover or creating a bouquet of flowers has always been seen as a sign of love. In order to be sure that your spouse likes your gift, it is essential to attach importance to the type of bouquet that you are going to buy. In principle, red is used to demonstrate passion. In this case, you should favor flowers such as roses, tulips or carnations.

To prove his love in a bouquet of flowers, you can also choose buds with a less captivating color such as white, yellow or pink. Synonymous with purity and tenderness, these soft colors are ideal when it comes to expressing your love. If you don't know what to give for Valentine's Day, you can opt for a flower bouquet delivery subscription at Daily flowers.

Choose a flower bouquet subscription for a specific holiday

You should know that a bouquet of flowers is not only intended for your partner. Indeed, you can bring flowers for different events such as birthdays, births, Mother's Day, etc. In order to please the host, it is necessary to take into account his preferences. For a birth, for example, it is better to choose flowers such as lilacs, arums, carnations or lilies. If it's a bouquet as a thank you, you can turn to Dahlias, Iris, Camellias or Pompom Roses.

If you don't know which flower arrangement to favor, you can always seek advice from an experienced florist such as Daily flowers. Offering only quality flowers, our team takes care of sending flowers to Belgium . By subscribing to our flower bouquet box subscription, you can surprise your loved ones at any time. As a reminder, we do not only cover Brussels since we can deliver flowers to Mons, Charleroi, Namur, Liège and its surroundings.

The importance of the shape of the bouquet of flowers

In order to request a delivery, it is essential to select an appropriate form. As a result, you have the choice between different aspects, from a simple round bouquet to a bouquet made up of several red or white roses, for example. In general, the design of the flower arrangement depends on the theme. To impress your lover, for example, it is best to opt for a round bouquet. By subscribing to a flower subscription at Daily flowers, you will be able to please those around you.

Another alternative is the compound bouquet, which can be offered for any occasion. In case you have a limited budget, the flower bouquet price can be reduced with seasonal buds. Thanks to our florist team, you have the chance to benefit from a monthly bouquet of flowers subscription on our Daily flowers platform. With our various formulas, you can offer flowers to your family or friends at any time.

Daily flowers, a provider at your service for a flower subscription and flower delivery in Belgium

Expert in bouquet creation and home flower delivery, Daily flowers offers you a flower bouquet box subscription at an attractive price. If you don't know how to compose a bouquet, our florists can help you select the best compositions according to the desired style or the theme to be respected. In addition to 24-hour home flower delivery and the flower bouquet subscription , we want you to receive fresh flowers in your hands. From now on, do not hesitate to consult our online store to get an idea of ​​our prices for our bouquets and our delivery. So, if you plan to send flowers to Belgium , you can visit our site, make a flower bouquet subscription and request a flower bouquet delivery.

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