Fête des Grands-mères : pourquoi opter pour des fleurs ?

Grandmother's Day: why opt for flowers?

Why give flowers for Grandmother's Day?

Next March 5, we celebrate a special day as it pays tribute to our dear grandmothers! The perfect opportunity to spoil them and brighten their smile. If you want to show your love and thank your grandma for her dedication and compassion, opt for a simple but symbolic gesture by offering flowers!

Flowers: an ideal gift for your grandmother

Beyond the commercial aspect of Grandmother's Day , this day is appreciated for its strong symbolism. This person dear to our eyes occupies a very special place in everyone's life: the nostalgia for the holidays spent at her house, her inimitable little dishes, her unfailing compassion, her link with the family's past, her attentive ear whatever the situation… so many characteristics that make your grandmother the pillar of the family!

The bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift to show your gratitude on this special day. It indeed represents love, joy, sweetness and beauty: everything that characterizes your grandma! This gesture, which may seem simple, means a lot to our grandmothers, who are particularly fond of their grandchildren. If you cannot be there on this holiday, this gift will be all the more appreciated thanks to the delivery of flowers that we carry out in Belgium .

Offer a bouquet of colorful flowers

There are not really specific flowers to offer for Grandmother's Day: soft and bright colors are enough to bring joy! The rose, however, remains an essential variety, because it is the symbol of refinement and gratitude. When it is pink, it goes very well with yellow: two symbolic colors of Grandmother's Day, representing happiness and grace. Tulips and daffodils will be ideal for recalling good memories and bringing cheerfulness with ease!

Choosing a colorful bouquet of flowers is in tune with the times, because today's grannies are active and dynamic! With customization , you can choose a composition that is sure to please thanks to our many options. We also want to compose bouquets of quality flowers , which is why we respect their seasonality.

If you want to be sure to please your grandmother, consider home flower delivery ! This can include a monthly bouquet of flowers subscription , the opportunity to show your love all year round! You can choose the format when subscribing and thus offer different flowers to your grandma every month.

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