Le Langage des Fleurs Expliqué : Significations et Symboles Floraux

The Language of Flowers Explained: Floral Meanings and Symbols

The Language of Flowers in Belgium: A Deeply Rooted Tradition

Flowers have had symbolic meaning for centuries. The language of flowers is a form of non-verbal communication that allows you to express emotions, feelings of love, friendship, gratitude or condolences. In Belgium, where floral culture is deeply rooted, the language of flowers is still widely used to communicate subtle and personal messages.

Origins and Evolution of the Language of Flowers in Belgium

The language of flowers has its origins in Antiquity, but it was in the 19th century that this form of communication reached its peak in Belgium. At that time, lovers exchanged bouquets with specific flowers to express their love or interest. The flowers were carefully chosen based on their symbolism and meaning.

Main Flowers and Their Meanings in Belgium

  • Roses: passionate love (red) and purity (white)
  • Tulips: perfect love
  • Lilies: purity and beauty
  • Daisies: loyal love
  • Orchids: beauty and sensuality
  • Hyacinths: joy and cheerfulness

The Symbolism of Flower Colors

In addition to flower types, colors also play an important role in the language of flowers in Belgium. Here are some common meanings:

  • White: purity, innocence
  • Red: passion, ardent love
  • Yellow: friendship, joy
  • Rose: sweetness, tenderness
  • Violet: elegance, mystery

Tips for Delivering Subtle Messages with Bouquets

To convey subtle messages with bouquets in Belgium, it is essential to know the language of flowers and choose the appropriate flowers based on their meanings. Here are some tips for communicating your feelings effectively:

  • Learn the language of flowers
  • Choose flowers according to the emotions to convey
  • Opt for personalized bouquets

By knowing the language of flowers, you can convey subtle, personal messages with your bouquets, adding an extra dimension to your relationships and expressions of affection.

The Importance of the Language of Flowers in Belgian Culture

The language of flowers holds a special place in Belgian culture, where flowers are used to celebrate special occasions, express feelings and honor traditions. Whether for a wedding, a birthday or a bereavement, flowers are silent messengers of our deepest emotions.


The art of the language of flowers in Belgium is a rich tradition that allows emotions and intentions to be expressed in a subtle and meaningful way. By offering bouquets with specific flowers, you can convey unique messages and strengthen your emotional bonds. Explore the symbolism of flowers and let your heart speak through these wonderful floral symbols. May each bouquet become floral poetry telling a story of love, friendship or gratitude.

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