Les tendances florales de la saison printemps-été en Belgique

Floral trends for the spring-summer season in Belgium

Spring and summer in Belgium bring an explosion of color and floral beauty. Every year, new trends emerge in the world of flowers, offering refreshing inspirations for flower arrangements. In this article, we will explore the latest flower trends for the spring-summer season in Belgium with Dailyflowers.be. Find out how you can bring your garden or home to life with these trendy floral choices.

The beauty of spring flowers in Belgium

Spring and summer are magnificent seasons in Belgium, where nature awakens with a profusion of colorful flowers. Gardens, parks and even interiors are adorned with magnificent blooms, bringing a feeling of renewal and vitality. To stay on top of the floral trend, it is essential to know the latest inspirations and creative ideas. Here are the essential floral trends for this spring-summer season in Belgium.

Trend 1: Pastel shades for a soft and delicate atmosphere

Pastel colors are very popular for creating a soft and romantic atmosphere. Shades of dusty pink, lavender blue and mint green are particularly popular this season. These soft colors can be used in bouquets, flower arrangements or even in wedding decorations. Flowers such as roses, peonies, delphiniums and carnations are ideal for creating elegant flower arrangements in these pastel shades.

Trend 2: The return of dried flowers for a bohemian touch

Dried flowers are making a comeback in current floral trends. They bring a bohemian, vintage vibe to any flower arrangement. Helichrysum, yarrow, lavender, and dried grasses are popular choices for creating long-lasting, timeless bouquets. Dried flowers are ideal for people who want to enjoy floral beauty for a long time.

Trend 3: Wildflowers for a natural and rustic look

Wildflowers are a timeless trend that comes back every spring-summer. They give a natural and rustic look to floral arrangements. Daisies, poppies, bellflowers and yarrow are some examples of popular wildflowers in Belgium. They can be used in single bouquets or mixed with other flowers to create a contrasting effect.

Trend 4: Monochrome bouquets for sophisticated elegance

Monochromatic bouquets are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. Choose a dominant color and create a bouquet using different flowers in that shade. For example, an all-white bouquet with roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums offers timeless elegance. Monochromatic bouquets are also a great option for weddings, as they work with any theme and color scheme.

Trend 5: Hanging floral arrangements for airy originality

Hanging flower arrangements are a unique way to showcase flowers and create a visually captivating focal point. Floral hangings can be created with flowers, succulents and foliage. They add an airy dimension to any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Hanging flowers are a great choice for special events or to decorate a porch or garden.

In conclusion, the floral trends for the spring-summer season in Belgium offer a wide range of options for creating unique and inspiring floral arrangements. Whether you opt for pastel shades, wildflowers or hanging arrangements, let your creativity run wild and bring a touch of floral beauty to your surroundings. Take advantage of these trends to brighten up your interior, beautify your garden or add a special touch to your events. Explore the many possibilities that flowers offer and discover how they can transform your space into a veritable garden of paradise.


  1. Where can I find native flowers in Belgium?

    • You can find native flowers at specialty nurseries or garden stores. There are also local organizations that promote biodiversity and offer native plants.
  2. What are the most durable flowers for flower arrangements?

    • Orchids, anemones and lisianthus are known for their longevity. They can stay fresh and beautiful for a long time.
  3. How to create a floral crown for a special event?

    • To create a floral wreath, you will need wire, floral tape, flowers and foliage of your choice. Wrap the wire in a circle to form the base of the wreath, then secure the flowers and foliage with the floral tape. Be creative and experiment with different flower and color combinations.
  4. What are the popular tropical flowers in Belgium?

    • Tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, hibiscus, anthuriums and orchids are popular in Belgium. They add an exotic and vibrant touch to floral arrangements.
  5. Where can I buy dried flowers in Belgium?

    • You can find dried flowers in home decor stores, craft stores or online like on Dailyflowers.be . Be sure to choose quality flowers that have been properly dried to ensure their durability.
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