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Why do we give flowers on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you hesitate to offer flowers? Whether you plan to declare your flame to your secret love or surprise the person who shares your daily life, do not miss this opportunity to please the other, thanks to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Why give flowers on February 14?

Forget the "it's a shopping party" excuse. Since ancient Rome, we celebrate love in February. Indeed, the second month of the year marks a renewal, the beginnings of the arrival of spring, after weeks of cold and gray winter. Some birds also begin to mate at this time. We also owe this celebration to the famous Saint Valentine, taken prisoner for having celebrated weddings in all discretion, while Emperor Claudius II the Gothic had forbidden it. During his captivity, he is said to have fallen in love with the blind daughter of his jailer and gave her heart-shaped flowers on February 14, the day of his execution.

Offering a bouquet of flowers is guaranteed to please. No error in size, no error in taste, no waste of time running around the stores to find a gift that will, perhaps, please. In one click, have a bouquet delivered, carefully prepared by our florists. For latecomers (yes you, who didn't see D-Day approaching until your partner lovingly wished you a happy Valentine's Day this morning), if you order the day before before midnight, delivery is guaranteed for Valentine's Day .

Which flowers to choose?

However, be careful about the message you want to deliver. Not all flowers mean the same thing. The hyacinth and the tulip are very good choices to compose your bouquet. One evokes the joy of sharing one's love, the other, unconditional love. With the traditional rose, you are sure to hit the mark. The fleur-de-lis, on the other hand, symbolizes the greatness of feelings and their authenticity. If you are in the beginning of a relationship, lilac is an excellent choice. Beware of peony, which can signify remorse and shame. Fortunately, it also represents bright love, if it is double.

The color of the chosen flowers is also important. The traditional red will show your passionate love and the power of your feelings, while the white will evoke beauty and purity. Yellow is a double-edged sword, it can represent infidelity as well as the happiness of being loved. Violet will recall, among other things, the depth of feelings.

Are you lost in the face of so many different choices and meanings? In addition, you are aware that your bouquet must certainly deliver a message, but it must also be pretty and aesthetic. Rest assured, our florists, located near you, will be able to put together a bouquet of flowers that meets your expectations.

and your love. Thanks to the delivery, you don't even have to move, you just have to go find your half for a nice evening.

Choose the desired size, style and color of the bouquet to offer to your other half and we will take care of everything for you.

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