What are the benefits of indoor flowers and plants?

When you buy a bouquet from the florist, your first instinct when you get home is often to put it in a pretty vase. But know that the indoor plants and the flowers do not only have the gift of beautifying your furniture: improving air quality, soothing virtues or guaranteeing a good mood are all advantages offered by these plants often considered, wrongly, as simple decorative elements.

indoor plant

Indoor flowers and plants: natural air purifiers

Heating or air conditioning devices as well as pollution from outside tend to make the atmosphere in your home drier. Fortunately, certain plants are known to increase the level of humidity and keep the freshness inside . Conversely, if you suffer from too high a humidity level, other plants will be preferred for their absorptive capacity .
Plants and flowers also act as depolluters . As surprising as it may seem, dust helps their growth, which is why the leaves absorb fine particles that hang in the air. Note that plants literally suck up these particles and do not just passively absorb them. Good information to know given that the air carries many bacteria, most often harmful to your health!

bouquet of flowers

Activators of physical and mental well-being

A bouquet of flowers or a houseplant catches the eye. Colorful and atypical, they have the gift of putting us good mood by their appearance and their relaxing fragrance, but not only.
These plants have a de-stressing effect on your health. In particular, they have been shown to help lower blood pressure and help relax muscles. By extension, this physical well-being provided by plants then improves your mood. A smart way to reduce stress and anxiety in a healthy and natural way.
If you take care of the plants, they will take care of you in return! At the house of Daily flowers , we operate as a daily florist who would bring your bouquet of flowers or houseplant to your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for to try the experiment and test the virtues of plants in your interior?

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