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Transform your bouquet of flowers into dried flowers

If you want to make your bouquet of flowers last in order to avoid a disastrous fate, one of the best alternatives is to dry it. To achieve this, you can take advantage of the beautiful season and, in turn, sublimate your interior with a decorative element brought up to date. Find out how you can dry your plant and thus retain its value to you.

bouquet of flowers

What are the varieties of flowers that can be dried?

In reality, not all sheaves can be dried and not all can be dried in the same way. To transform your bouquet of flowers into a dried flower, we recommend that you opt for flat and thin plants . They will take less time to dry than peonies or roses.

In the list of sheaves that will be easy for you to dry, you can opt for:

  • hydrangeas
  • the Pope's Mint
  • Liatris
  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • Thistle
  • the everlasting with bracts…
dried flowers

How to dry your bouquet of flowers?

Before embarking on drying, it is essential to find out how it works. The flowers wither because they rot! And the process of putrefaction is due to the fact that they contain a lot of water.

So the goal is to eliminate all the water in order to be able to dry them more easily. The process can take between a few days and several weeks. So don't be discouraged if nothing happens a day later.

To start, be sure to carefully remove already damaged plants and unwanted leaves . Then, tie them properly using a rubber band or a string and make sure that the whole thing does not move. Then hang each dried flower upside down in a warm, dark, dry place . The role of darkness will be to keep the original colors of the components of the bouquet.

To put the odds on your side and avoid rotting, it would be best to dry in a room with good ventilation . Once put to dry, gradually check the progress of the process until the drying is complete.

It is very likely that over time the fasteners will become loose. Redo them while being careful not to overtighten the boots. This will prevent you from creating pockets of water located at the lower level of the stems and which are likely to rot before the process is even finished. 

Finally, to know that your drying went well, gently touch your flowers . The latter with their stems must be crunchy. Then use them to make your bouquet. If necessary, we suggest that you delicately lacquer the petals so that they are fixed and resistant to breakage and falling.

Very simple to make, flower drying would allow you not only to add a decorative element to your interior, but also to keep a nice memory. Do not put the bouquets that are offered to you in the trash; just dry them all so you can keep them.

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