A bouquet of flowers, to offer or to treat yourself

A bouquet of flowers, to offer or to treat yourself, is always a good idea

It is always pleasant to offer or receive a pretty bouquet of flowers. It remains a timeless gift, whatever the occasion, birthday, Mother's Day, wedding, birth... Apart from being a decorative accessory, it perfumes the house in any season.

Which flowers to choose to compose a bouquet?

To be able to offer you the prettiest floral arrangement, the florist should understand your needs. You should give him some essential information.

The shape of the bouquet

You have the choice between:

  • the round bouquet: exotic, refined, rustic…;
  • the compound bouquet: endlessly available (exotic flat, high, contemporary, classic, structured, etc.);
  • a plant: green or flowery, in composition, in assembly…;
  • a floral composition: possible with all creations.

The theme

Each intense moment of life corresponds to specific floral emotions:

  • birth: Lilacs, Arums, White Carnations, White Lilies…;
  • anniversary: ​​Jasmine, Freesias, Periwinkles, Gardenias…;
  • pairing: hyacinths, orange trees, stephanotis, pink lilies…;
  • love: red tulips, red roses, orchids, red carnations…;
  • mourning: Pansies, Cyclamens, Passionflower, Pink Carnations, Chrysanthemums…;
  • friendship: Daffodils, Azaleas, Begonias, Pink Roses, Asters…;
  • pleasure to offer: Arum, Hyacinth, Buttercups, Peonies…;
  • acknowledgment: Camellia, Dahlias, Pompom roses…

flower color

You can choose quality flowers according to your favorite colors:

  • pink: affection, tenderness, friendship…;
  • white: elegance, refinement, innocence…;
  • blue: inaccessibility, purity…;
  • red: passion, ambition, ardent love…;
  • yellow: success, joie de vivre, harmony, prosperity…;
  • green: joy, optimism, hope…;
  • fuchsia: depth of feelings, delicacy, peace...

Caring for a bouquet of flowers

It is quite possible to keep a bouquet of flowers for a very long time. You just have to follow a few simple rules. After receiving your bouquet, cut the bottom of the stems (2 cm) to facilitate water absorption. Next, trim the bottom leaves. To avoid crushing the leaves, use a sharp knife and not scissors or secateurs. Then, take a vase with half the length of the stems and add fresh water at room temperature. Be careful not to undo the links structuring the bouquet.

Make sure that your bouquet of flowers does not experience too high temperature differences. Do not place it next to a heat source such as a radiator or a computer. Do not take it outside the house in winter. Leave your bouquet near a window so that it can blossom. It is not a question of putting it in direct contact with the sun's rays. Find a place for it that is sheltered from draughts and strong winds. Avoid placing your flowers next to a bowl of fruit that gives off ethylene gas. The latter is harmful to cut flowers.

The days following the delivery of bouquets , make sure that the water in the vase is always clean and fresh. Change it every two days. Don't forget to clean up the slime. Feed your bouquet with sachets of cut flower food when you change the water. If they are not returned on delivery, you can find them at a florist or in a garden center store. A few days after delivery, recut the rods. At the first signs of wilting, cut the stems again (2 cm).

Floral subscriptions, how does it work?

With the help of a flower subscription, flower lovers can treat themselves and each other at the same time. Many companies offer this type of subscription.

How subscriptions work is simple. After registration, subscribers choose the formula that suits them. They buy in advance. If you subscribe, you choose the duration of the subscription and the frequency of shipments. At our shop, we make flower arrangements that we deliver to your door.

You can come to our shop for pick-up and choose the format of the bouquet. You can also patiently wait for beautiful fresh flowers to be delivered to your home. Don't hesitate to contact us and subscribe, we will regularly introduce you to our talent as a florist with beautiful creations.

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