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Do you want to turn your house into a real urban jungle?

The plant trend invites itself into interiors to bring well-being. Do you want to turn your house into a real urban jungle? Discover below some decoration tips to help you make your interior a beautiful oasis of greenery.

Personalize the entrance to your home

Admittedly, the idea is to establish an urban jungle. However, each indoor plant should be placed in an orderly fashion so that they can enhance your home decor. For example, you can put a plant at the entrance of your house, at ground level near the door, or hang it on the wall of the entrance hall. It's a more original way to welcome your visitors.

Decorate your living room

The plant wall formed by magnificent creeping plants or broad-leaved plants are attractive alternatives to paintings and wall frames. It is also possible to put pots or planters with different varieties of exotic indoor plants in each corner of the room. This gives the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical forest.

Beautify your bedroom

To green your bedroom while improving your interior decoration, you can place flower pots on the bedside table, above the wardrobe or dressing table, or near the door. However, to ensure that the air is always fresh, it is better to use succulents that give off very little gas.

bedroom plant

Decorate your kitchen with plants

The kitchen can be decorated with lush plants: on the shelves, above the dresser, or even in the middle of the kitchen table. You can also create a glass shelf at the windows to create a plant curtain. Besides aromatic plants and herbs, shrubs and plants with smooth leaves are more recommended.

Bring a touch of greenery into your bathroom

In magazines, it's not so common to see plant-based decorating tips in a bathroom. However, the presence of plants can perfectly embellish this room and make it even more conducive to relaxation. To do this, porcelain pots with cacti or ferns are best. Nevertheless, it should not be too cluttered, especially if your bathroom is not spacious enough, because the plants could bother you.

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