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Bouquet of flowers by subscription

Create your subscription by following the steps below. If you want more examples of our bouquets, feel free to scroll further down the page.

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Make your home beautiful without lifting a finger. Bloom your interior with a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to your door on a recurring basis. Whether you want to spruce up your home for an event, just feel good, or enjoy the beauty of flowers while they last, this is the product for you. You deserve to have flowers all year round, without the headache of constantly reordering yourself! Fill in your details and create a subscription for recurring delivery of fresh bouquets. Now you can be sure to always have the freshest flowers in your home. Illustrative photos to indicate the size of the bouquet. The flowers or the color of the bouquets delivered depend on the florist and the season. The quantity indicates the number of bouquets desired per delivery and not the number of months of subscription.

Why don't you offer specific bouquets?

Each of our bouquets is made according to the season and availability at the florist.
We do not wish to impose a choice of flowers on florists in order to respect their know-how and the seasonality of the fresh flowers found in your bouquet.
By selecting the size and the main color of your bouquet, you are sure to have a magnificent bouquet made according to the mood of the day of the florist.

Bouquet colors and style

In order to keep a surprise effect with each delivery, the colors and style of our subscription bouquets are left to the inspiration of the florist.


Delivery within 24 hours if necessary. An SMS or e-mail containing the delivery time will be sent to you when your order has been confirmed.


Replace the water of your flowers every 2 days and cut, at this time, 1 cm from the tips of the stems in order to keep your bouquet longer.

Subscription Policy

The first date you choose is the day your 1st delivery will take place.
The other deliveries will take place on the 1st or 15th of the month depending on the date of your first order.

Example: You order a monthly subscription on the 4th and choose a first delivery date of the 10th. Your first delivery will take place on the 10th and the following ones will take place on the 15th of each month.

If the 15th of the month falls on a Sunday or Monday, your delivery will be made on the first Tuesday following the date of the 15th.

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