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Ficus Lyrata - Exclusive

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Size: 60 cm Pot size: 17 cm in diameter


Originally from tropical forests in Africa, the Ficus Lyrata would find its origin in Liberia or Gabon and in several other African countries. Belonging to the Moraceae family, it is an indoor plant with a height of up to 3 m to bring an exotic touch to your interior. The plant can be grown without any problem in a classic potting soil, with exposure to light that is not too strong and without direct sun. It is true that its foliage is evergreen, but a minimum of precaution would be required.


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It is a tropical plant which fears an atmosphere that is too dry and which particularly likes humidity to compensate for this lack. Thus, the Ficus Lyrata will need a lot of water and ambient humidity to live properly. Therefore, make sure to water it at least once a week while waiting for the soil to be completely dry between 2 waterings. This means that you should not overdo it with watering. Moreover, during the winter, we space out the watering. But to keep its beautiful foliage, you can spray water regularly even in winter when the heating is running at full speed and the plant suffers. Always in the spirit of maintenance, the plant is nourished and maintained properly to remain beautiful and magnificent for 10 to 15 years. For this, the contribution of fertilizer is to be taken into account, ideally once a month in spring and during summer.

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