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Offer a bouquet of flowers

Select below the desired elements for the creation of your bouquet.

All our bouquets are unique and made by a florist according to his mood of the day.

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a bouquet of flowers from a local florist. We take pride in our bouquets made with high quality, seasonal flowers. Illustrative photos to indicate the size of the bouquet. The flowers or the color of the bouquets delivered depend on the florist and the season.

Why don't you offer specific bouquets?

Each of our bouquets is made according to the season and availability at the florist. We do not wish to impose a choice of flowers on florists in order to respect their know-how and the seasonality of the fresh flowers found in your bouquet. By selecting the size and the main color of your bouquet, you are sure to have a magnificent bouquet made according to the mood of the day of the florist.


Same day delivery if required. An e-mail or a text message will be sent to you with the precise time of delivery.


Replace the water of your flowers every 2 days and cut, at this time, 1 cm from the tips of the stems in order to keep your bouquet longer.

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