Décoration Florale : Idées et Inspirations

Floral Decoration: Ideas and Inspirations


Floral decoration plays an essential role in the embellishment of your interior in Belgium. Flowers and flower arrangements bring freshness, color and life to any space. Whether you are decorating your home, office, or hosting a special event, flowers are a perfect choice for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

In this article, we will present you with creative ideas and tips to inspire you in your floral decoration in Belgium. We will highlight the Daily Flowers brand, which offers a wide selection of fresh flowers and beautiful flower arrangements. You can find more inspiration and order your flowers on their website www.dailyflowers.be .

Ideas and Inspirations for your Salon

1. Create a relaxing atmosphere with dried flowers

Dried flowers are becoming more and more popular when it comes to interior decoration in Belgium. They offer a sustainable and ecological alternative to fresh flowers. To spruce up your living room, opt for a bouquet of dried flowers in soft, natural hues. You can arrange them in a ceramic vase or hang them on the wall to create a unique wall decoration.

2. Bring a touch of color with exotic flowers

Exotic flowers bring a real explosion of colors to your living room in Belgium. Opt for orchids, birds of paradise or hibiscus to create a real focal point in your space. These exotic flowers will bring a tropical vibe to your home, even in the colder months.

3. Play with textures using succulents

Succulents are succulents that come in a wide variety of shapes and textures. They are perfect for bringing a modern and artistic touch to your floral decoration in Belgium. Arrange them in terra cotta pots and create luscious arrangements to add dimension to your living room.

4. Opt for local flowers for an authentic touch

Local flowers have their own charm and bring an authentic touch to your floral decoration in Belgium. Learn about the flowers that grow naturally in your area and use them to create arrangements that are unique and specific to your locale. It will add a local dimension to your decoration and highlight the beauty of Belgium.

Ideas and Inspirations for your Kitchen

1. Use aromatic herbs as functional decoration

Aromatic herbs are not only delicious in your dishes, they can also serve as a functional decoration in your kitchen in Belgium. Plant herbs such as basil, chives or parsley in attractive terracotta pots and place them on your work surface. Not only will they provide a touch of greenery, but you will also have fresh herbs on hand for your recipes.

2. Create a wall decoration with hanging pots

Hanging pots are a great idea for creating an original wall decoration in your kitchen in Belgium. Opt for colorful ceramic pots and hang them on a shelf or a rod near your window. Plant aromatic plants or edible flowers for an aesthetic and functional decoration.

3. Highlight edible flowers in your dishes

Edible flowers are more and more trendy in the kitchen in Belgium. Use them to embellish your dishes and bring a touch of color and flavor. Rose petals, marigolds, and nasturtiums are some examples of edible flowers you can use. Just be sure to pick them from untreated places and consume them in moderation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1: Where can I find fresh flowers in Belgium?

You can find fresh flowers in Belgium in many florists and specialty stores. However, if you are looking for a wide selection of high quality fresh flowers, I recommend visiting the Daily Flowers website at www.dailyflowers.be . They offer a variety of fresh flowers and beautiful flower arrangements that can be delivered directly to your home.

FAQ 2: How do I maintain my fresh flowers longer?

To prolong the life of your fresh flowers in Belgium, here are some useful tips:

  1. Bevel the stems before placing them in a clean vase.
  2. Use fresh water and change it every two days.
  3. Add a floral preservative in the water to nourish the flowers.
  4. Avoid placing the flowers near ripening fruits, as they produce ethylene, which accelerates the aging of the flowers.

FAQ 3: What are the ideal flowers for a wedding in Belgium?

For a wedding in Belgium, you can opt for flowers such as roses, lilies, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas. They are classic and elegant flowers that are perfect for a wedding ceremony. You can also choose seasonal flowers for a touch of authenticity and freshness.

FAQ 4: How to choose a bouquet of flowers to offer?

When choosing a bouquet of flowers to offer in Belgium, take into account the preferences of the person to whom you are going to offer it. If you don't know its specific tastes, opt for versatile and timeless flowers like roses or tulips. Be sure to choose fresh, well-maintained flowers for a quality gift.

FAQ 5: How to create a DIY flower arrangement in Belgium?

To create your own DIY floral arrangement in Belgium, you will need the following:

  1. A vase or container to suit your style and theme.
  2. Fresh or dried flowers of your choice.
  3. Foliage to add greenery and texture.
  4. Cutting tools for pruning flower stems.
  5. A ribbon or rope to tie the flowers if necessary.

Start by preparing your flowers and leaves by removing excess leaves and trimming the stems. Then arrange them in your vase, making sure to create a harmonious arrangement. Add foliage to fill in the empty spaces and give the finishing touch to your DIY flower arrangement in Belgium.


Floral decoration in Belgium offers many possibilities to embellish your interior with flowers and floral arrangements. Whether for your living room, kitchen or other spaces, flowers bring a touch of beauty, freshness and color. Don't forget to visit the Daily Flowers website, www.dailyflowers.be , to find inspiration and order fresh flowers for your floral decoration in Belgium.

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