Daily Flowers: fresh, quality flowers delivered to your home

Daily Flowers is a delivery platform for fresh, quality flower bouquets, created by three lovers of Brussels. Our goal is to help you enjoy the benefits of flowers, while respecting the environment and the know-how of florists.


Daily flowers, who is it?

Daily flowers is a flower bouquet delivery platform created to facilitate online orders while personalizing your bouquet.

Daily Flowers was created by two Brussels residents, Jessica & Calvin, who have been together for many years. We love Brussels with an undisguised pleasure in the active life it offers with its restaurants, its small shops and its cultural richness.

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How was Daily flowers born?

The adventure itself begins, because Jessica wishes, following our move, to make the house greener thanks to plants and a few flowers. The process itself seemed quite simple, but several months passed without any plants being at home.

We sometimes thought of bouquets of flowers, but having one, unconsciously pushed us not to buy any more for several months. Even when it was faded or missing from the house. We therefore looked for subscription and/or bouquet delivery systems, but were disappointed to realize that all the services offered came from international companies.

Daily flowers was then born: Having a point of contact in Belgium, remaining simple and authentic and delivering fresh, quality flowers.

Our engagements

The idea is not to take ourselves for what we are not, namely florists, but to provide a real response to a demand for fast and quality delivery. We want to provide an answer to the problems we had encountered.

We therefore partner with florists so that they highlight their know-how in the field of flower bouquets. Regarding plants, we work with wholesalers so that they can advise us on the best indoor plants for your home.

On our side, we allow them an easy-to-use system in order to allow delivery by subscription to their old and new customers.