Guide Pratique : Prolonger la Durée de Vie de Votre Bouquet

Practical Guide: Extending the Life of Your Bouquet

Ah, the flowers! Nothing like it to brighten up a room or make you smile. But, alas, they always seem to fade too quickly. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can keep your bouquet vibrant for longer. Let's go on a trip to the land of fresh flowers!

1. Preparation: A Crucial Start

Select Carefully : It all starts with choosing flowers. Opt for bouquets that look fresh and avoid those that already show signs of wilting.

Cutting the Stems : Once at home, cut the stems at an angle under water to prevent air from entering the channels that absorb the water.

2. Water, Vital Element

Change Water Regularly : Change the water every two days. Clean water is essential for flower health.

Water Temperature : Use lukewarm water for flowers with soft stems (like tulips) and cooler water for hard stems (like roses).

3. Location: More than a Question of Aesthetics

Light and Temperature : Keep your bouquet away from direct heat sources, drafts, and direct sunlight. A cool room will prolong their life.

4. Flower Food: A Little Extra

Use a Preservative : Sachets of flower preservative are a must. They contain nutrients and bactericides to keep the water clean.

5. Watch out for the Leaves

Remove Unnecessary Leaves : Remove leaves that will be underwater in the vase. They can rot and contaminate water.

6. Home Tips for Longevity

  • Aspirin : An old grandmother's trick, but it works! An aspirin in water can help keep flowers fresh.
  • Sugar and Vinegar : A mixture of sugar and white vinegar can be used as a food and a bactericide.

7. When to say goodbye?

Recognize the Signs : When flowers start to wilt and lose their petals, it's time to replace them.

Conclusion :

And There you go ! With these tips, your bouquet will stay fresh and radiant for much longer. It's incredible to see how a few simple actions can transform the lifespan of these ephemeral beauties. Remember, every flower has its own personality, and with a little love and care, they will give you back a hundredfold.


  1. How long can you really extend the life of a bouquet?

    • With the right care, a bouquet can last up to two weeks.
  2. Can we reuse flower preservative?

    • It is best to use a new sachet every time you change the water.
  3. Is it possible to revive withered flowers?

    • Sometimes, by recutting the stems and changing the water, you can give them a second lease of life.

And there you have it, a complete guide to pampering your bouquet and enjoying its beauty for as long as possible. Hopefully these tips will help you keep a little nature and color in your daily life! 🌹🌷🌼

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