Les 5 fleurs les plus appréciées dans le monde

The 5 most popular flowers in the world

Flowers have always been appreciated for their beauty and symbolism around the world. Giving flowers has been a universal gesture since the beginnings of mankind. Indeed, flowers take an important place in any human culture for various reasons. Whether used for decorative, ritual or ceremonial purposes, discover the 5 most popular flowers in the world.

The Rose

The rose is certainly the most popular flower on the planet. Its beauty, its fragrance and its symbolism leave no one indifferent. Present in many cultures, the rose refers in the West to love, romance and passion when the flower is red. While white roses are associated with purity and innocence. However, the meaning of the rose is extremely different in the East. Its symbolism is linked to spirituality and philosophy. In India, for example, roses are offered as an offering to the gods in temples. They also adorn places of worship.

The lily

The lily has conquered the world thanks to its elegance. This majestic flower is a wonderful decoration for gardens and parks. Its delicate fragrance generously perfumes the interior of a house. The lily is commonly associated with purity and innocence. In Christian art, it is often associated with the Virgin Mary and virginity. It is for this reason that the lily is an integral part of the decoration of religious events. It is used regularly at weddings and baptisms.

the lotus

The lotus is an iconic flower in many cultures. It is often associated with the expression of the beauty of nature and life. In ancient Egypt, the lotus represents rebirth. Namely that a close symbolism exists in Buddhism: the lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening despite the difficulties experienced in life. On the side of China, we find the lotus to represent the purity of the soul and the heart. Finally, a final recognized meaning of the lotus relates to creativity.

The sunflower

The sunflower is a popular solar flower with many cultures. It symbolizes both happiness, longevity and beauty. Whether for decorative or food use, sunflowers are grown all over the world. On the Native American side, the sunflower refers to loyalty. If we go back to the time of ancient Greece, we observe that the sunflower symbolizes more beauty and eternal youth. Finally, in the East and more particularly in Japan, the symbolism of the sunflower refers more to luck and vitality. To conclude, the sunflower by its shape and color symbolizes energy and strength wonderfully.

The orchid

The orchid is a delicate and mysterious flower, generally associated with rarity and preciousness. In Greek culture, the orchid represents fertility. However, in China and Japan, the orchid refers rather to beauty and elegance. Today, in the West, the orchid is used in flower arrangements to symbolize passion and sensuality.

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