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Giving flowers is giving love in a bouquet

Valentine's Day, birth, Mother's Day, wedding, or just for fun... There are plenty of opportunities to give flowers. By offering a bouquet, you are sure to please the person who receives it. A bouquet of flowers makes it possible to share emotions. 

A little history …

This practice dates back to ancient times. First, used for therapeutic purposes, the flowers were transformed into lotion or ointment. Then over time, the Greeks and Romans associated them with gods and goddesses. In the Middle Ages, flowers took on a symbolic meaning, where scientific knowledge and superstitions mingled. Flowers were at the center of codified rites which made it possible to ward off the powers of Evil, to repel illness, to arouse passion, to retain Love or to enrich oneself. During the Renaissance, bouquets of flowers made it possible to transmit love messages, a custom inherited from the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, in France, the language of flowers was enriched and today many florists still refer to it. By offering flowers, you make a personal and personalized present revealing emotions. It makes the person who receives it unique.

Give and receive, for happiness in color and fragrance.

Whether you are giving a bouquet or receiving it, it is always a moment of pleasure . Also, by taking advice from an artisan florist, you will be sure to make the choice best suited to the person or the circumstance. His know-how and expertise will allow your emotions to appear in fragrant and floral form. Flowers have a language that allows feelings to be revealed in a discreet and elegant way. A floral composition is not done lightly and the florist is there to accompany your choice so that it is in agreement with the person who will receive this gift and the message that you want to convey to him. A bouquet of begonia given to a friend expresses a faithful and lasting friendship. Daisies in a bouquet for a baptism or a communion symbolize innocence. A flower arrangement of red roses and nasturtiums will show the burning passion and strength of your feelings. A bouquet of mimosa that symbolizes delicacy and feminine energy will be the ideal gift on May 8, International Women's Day.

bouquet of flowers

A thousand and one reasons to offer flowers.

The pleasure of giving, the subtle fragrance given off by a bouquet of flowers, the decorative note of your interiors, the romantic gesture, the comfort, the action of complimenting or declaring one's love, the discovery of new species, so many reasons that make you love flowers. In delivery or in store, it's the gift that is sure to please! Flowers positively influence your emotions. They thrill your senses and your mind. Recognized for their actions purifying the ambient air, they promote concentration and creativity by bringing calm and pleasure to the mind. Do not hesitate any longer and offer flowers in a bouquet to your loved ones and to yourself to provide pleasure and well-being on a daily basis. Delivered to the home of a loved one or at work for a colleague's birthday, a bouquet is a pledge of joy and love.

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